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FLA Training for EICC in Shenzhen, China, January 2009


On January 12-14, 2009,

the Fair Labor Association (FLA) delivered a three-day training to participants from Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) members and its supplier companies in Shenzhen, China. The training was a part of EICC Asian Network Foundation Training Courses. During the three days, the FLA conducted the following two courses:

• Worker Labor Rights Awareness Train-the-Trainer Course with a focus on EICC Code of Conduct (CoC), one day;

• Labor and Management Communication – Dispute Settlement and Grievance Procedure(GP), two days.


Over 44 participants representing EICC member companies as well as their suppliers attended the courses. Most of the the participants came from CR (corporate responsibility) and HR (human resources) departments.


The EICC Foundation Training Course was a timely and relevant event organized for its members and suppliers in China. The high level of participation, openness, sharing and enthusiam of the participants at the training reflected a keen interest of EICC affiliates and their partners in searching for more sustainable solutions to corporate social responsibility and good citizenship in China.




“General quality of the training workshop” was excellent

FLA organized evaluations on both courses. Below is a summary result of the GP: 38 resondents or 100% said that “regarding the knowledge and skills learnt at the training” they were completely clear or clear about it”; 29 respondents or 78% said that “general quality of the training workshop” was excellent or very good.

The EICC Foundation Training Course reflected good efforts pursuing sustainable complaince by EICC members and its suppliers. FLA applauds such efforts and looks forward to contineous collaborations with EICC in training and capacity building in the future.


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