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Sustainable Compliance Project Scope Outline

Project Background:
FLA has demonstrated its lead in addressing the need for a new approach to compliance efforts. Our “sustainable compliance program” –known as FLA 3.0, brought a new methodology for addressing critical code requirements. During the last two years, tools and training materials have been developed for some elements of compliance (primarily grievances and hours of work) and they are currently being implemented at participating factories, that is, “FLA 3.0-ready factories.” Materials for other key elements of compliance are scheduled for development in the upcoming 12 to 24 months as per our last monitoring committee meeting.
Concurrently, participating brands have recognized the limitations of our traditional monitoring efforts, hence we have developed and piloted our own versions of sustainable compliance initiatives. FLA has encouraged and, at this point, expects PCs to embrace sustainable compliance methodology in their internal programs.
Project Scope:
  • Develop sustainable compliance tools and trainings materials for all code requirements to be used in the internal compliance programs of participating companies, consistent with FLA’s new sustainable compliance methodology.
  • Establish standards for performance measurement (KPIs) drawing from GRI methodology or any other initiative this Steering Committee may consider most appropriate. Once we establish this approach, we will be able to measure the combined impact of FLA’s sustainable compliance methodology.
  • Elevate IEM audits to sustainable compliance evaluation.
  • Elevate the quality and standards of 3rd party monitors globally.
Project Benefits:
  • Bring consistency and efficiencies in compliance efforts by FLA PCs across the  board
  • Facilitate and simplify collaborations among PCs
  • Conduct shared training of internal teams on skills and sustainable compliance process
  • Conduct joint awareness trainings and capacity building of factories which are not FLA 3.0 ready but are shared by PCs
  • Measure combined performance for FLA PCs
  • Compare performance on a consistent manner over time
The sustainable compliance tools and training materials developed will be useful to our licensees and 3rd party monitors as well as potential members who do not have the resources and capabilities to develop these tools for their own programs. Moreover, it will create critical mass at the factory level. It will assist brands in reducing the mushrooming of tools and measurements which bring more confusion to all the parties involved. While the individuality of our programs is important to all PCs, we must embrace collective, consistent efforts to ensure we build the critical mass we have been pressing for.