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Its PILOT Objective...

The Soccer Project was a response to the build-up to the 2006 World Cup tournament, when stakeholders criticized factory conditions in the soccer products supply chain. This project sought to bring together multiple stakeholders to identify a number of critical issues in the industry and work on improving workplace conditions, with two specific priority areas: Grievance Procedures and Hours of Work. The Soccer Project is also a pilot project designed to test FLA's new 3.0 sustainable compliance methodology. Through the pilot process, the FLA has brought together stakeholders from brands, suppliers, and civil society groups to determine how compliance can be achieved from the ground up in a self-sustaining manner.

The overall objective of this project is to contribute to the development of the FLA 3.0 methodology to promote sustainable labor compliance in factories that produce for FLA affiliated companies. The immediate objective is to strengthen the capacity of manufacturers of soccer products who currently supply participating companies to improve and sustain compliance with the FLA Code of Conduct in the areas of hours of work and grievance procedures in selected factories in Thailand and China.

This pilot project involves public outreach and transparency. Stakeholder involvement is central to the definition of the noncompliance issues and remedial strategies, and civil society organizations will also be engaged as providers of remedial services. For more information about Project strategies, Activities to reach project objectives, Outputs of the project, please visit Fair Labor Association.


Available SCIMs for Soccer Project

(SCIMs are password protected,  if you do not yet participate in the Soccer project but are interested to do so and would like to hear more please contact

  • Grievance Procedure
  • Hiring
  • Hours of Work Management and Prevention of Excessive OT
  • Equality/Non-discrimination at Workplace
  • Advanced module on Worker Retention & Motivation
  • Sexual harassment at Workplace
  • Termination