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World012.jpg By striving to address root causes at a macro level rather than just targeting a single factory, FLA  has designed and implemented many PROJECTs at the industry or regional level that produce innovative solutions to recurring and serious systemic noncompliances by combining the efforts of multiple stakeholders.

Supported by CCCT, the project initially implemented FLA3.0 methodolody in China...

FLA 3.0,  the FLA’s new sustainable compliance methodology, is a combination of online and offline tools designed to help factories assess their own level of labor compliance and build capacity to implement system to fill compliance gaps by addressing root causes of labor violations...

The PREPARE project in Bangladesh has been developed to improve the efficacy of worker representation in factories...


This project sought to bring together multiple stakeholders to identify a number of critical issues in the industry and work on improving workplace conditions, with two specific priority areas: Grievance Procedures and Hours of Work. The Soccer Project is also a pilot project designed to test FLA's new 3.0 sustainable compliance methodology...


This project is to develop sustainable compliance tools and trainings materials for all code requirements to be used in the internal compliance programs of participating companies, which consistent with FLA’s new sustainable compliance methodology; to establish standards for performance measurement (KPIs); to elevate IEM audits to sustainable compliance evaluation; to elevate the quality and standards of 3rd party monitors globally...

 Some SPECIAL Projects please visit Fair Labor Association