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 24-25 October 2011

Measuring CSR Impact



 Kunshan, China

Optimize EHS Committees

 中国 昆山


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Effectively implementing and measuring the impact of CSR and HES programs can be a challenge. Learn how to measure your CSR impact, and then ehance your EHS Committee functionality in this two-day training.



Day 1: Measuring Impact


  • Quantify and quality the impact of your CSR programs.   
  • Learn to measure your CSR programs' impact on worker retention, client relationships and productivity and efficiency.
  • Sharing of good practices.    


 Ines Ines Kaempfer, Director of Assessment,Capacity Building and Training,Fair labor Association(FLA), responsible for the implementation of the Fair Labor Association’s (FLA) assessment, capacity building and training tools and resources, and for the development of the online FLA Assessment and Training Portals. Based in Shanghai, China, Ines works with FLA affiliates, multi-national companies and suppliers to improve factory conditions in Asia through tailor-made capacity building programs and trainings. Before joining the FLA in 2006, Ines taught at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland, where she received her Ph.D. She has authored a number of scholarly articles on attitudes towards human rights in China, and has co-authored studies on working hours in supplier factories in China and Thailand, and a piece on the social responsibility of companies operating in China.

Ines Kaempfer 现任公平劳动协会评估、能力建设和培训总监,负责评估、能力建设与培训资源的开发和实施,以及在线评估和培训网站的开发。Ines领导的FLA中国上海办公室,通过与公平劳动协会会员,跨国公司和供应商紧密合作,提供量身订制的能力建设项目和培训服务,以持续改善亚洲工厂的工作环境。Ines于2006年加入公平劳动协会,此前在瑞士的Fribourg大学获得博士学位,并在此任教。她发表过许多有关中国劳工权力的学术文章,并且共同主持过关于中国和泰国代工厂的工时状况,以及在中国的国际公司企业社会责任方面的研究。


Language: English with Chinese Translation


Day 2: Optimize your EHS Committee

第二天培训:EHS 委员会优化

    • Engage management and workers by highlighting shared values and needs.
    • Learn how to build EHS Committee member competency through training and capability building.
    • Control high-risk EHS issues.




Asia Wang, CSR Training Director, Openview Service Limited, has been conducting courses in social and environment field in the past decade, as well as a FLA certified trainer in China. In this profession, Asia Wang has been spending far too much time in capacity building across the supply chain over the past 15 years. Asia worked in MNCs, NGOs/NPOs, consulting firms. Asia Wang is an expert in social & environmental audits, worker empowerment , EHS committees, energy efficiency, hazard assessment and industrial engineering, etc. Asia is also a NACT: PRO national ISO14001 registration, NACT: PRC national OSHAS18001 registration auditor, US Department of Energy: Fundamentals of Industrial Energy Assessment, Use of Energy Analysis & Diagnostic Tools, AIHA USA Measurement of Hazardous Substance, OSHA USA: OSHA 501 General Industry Outreach Trainer.

王亚洲现任开景信息咨询有限公司培训总监,过去十年来一直从事CSR培训与能力建设项目,也是FLA的授权培训师。王亚洲在企业社会责任及环境领域有15 年的工作经验,曾任职于跨国公司,国际非政府组织,咨询公司,以及非营利机构,侧重于供应链的培训与能力建设,擅长企业社会责任审核与评估,员工赋权,环 境安全健康委员会,能效项目,危害分析与评估,工业工程设计等方面的培训与能力建设。王亚洲持有ISO14001,OHSAS18001,美国OHSA通 用工业职业安全培训师,美国能源部能评估与诊断工具培训等资质。



Ding Wang, Senior Consultant, Openview Service Limited, has been conducting courses on safety and occupational health over the 15 years, has been working in safety industry for about 30 years. Mr. Ding Wang is the lecture for National Safety Supervision Bureau Training Center, Propaganda Center, Emergency Response Center, and work Production Technology Research Center.
王丁现任开景信息咨询有限公司高级顾问, 国家安全生产监督管理总局培训中心, 宣教中心,信息通讯中心,生产安全事故应急救援指挥中心、安全生产科学技术研究院等单位聘请的安全综合管理培训讲师。从事企业安全管理近30年。从事企业安全管理辅导、注册安全主任培训、注册安全工程师考前辅导以及企业内外各类安全培训工作15年。多次参与各类工伤事故调查。


Language: Chinese