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  • 满足相关规定并达到客户的期望
  • Fulfill regulations and meet your client's expectations

  • 提升管控工时的能力
  • Enhance capacity to manage working hours

  • 预防过度超时工作
  • Reduce and prevent excessive overtime



即刻报名即享优惠  Sign up for Early Bird discount

RMB 1288   RMB 888 人/天 (per person per day)

有效期至4月15日  Discount valid until 15th April 2011




目标  Objective

工厂往往难以推进客户的行为规范和国家法律规定的工作时间,其中一个原因是工人的基本工资低,他们愿意长时间工作以求提升 收入。这次培训的目的是帮助管理者了解如何使用FLA设计的工具箱来管理工厂工时体系,防止过度加班,并与香港逸岸咨询的培训师分享改善生产效率的案例, 不断提高工厂生产力。

Factories often find it difficult to adhere to their customer's code of conduct and national law requirements on hours of work. Workers are often willing to work long hours in the hopes it will increase their in come. This training is designed to help managers understand how to use the FLA designed toolbox to manage working hours and prevent overtime. INFACT trainers will share productivity case studies from factories focusing on continuous improvement to make their factory more efficient.



内容  Content

  •  政府和客户有关工时标准及法规的新趋势
  •  Latest TRENDS and CHANGES to working hours regulations and standards.

  •  如何有效管理工时
  •  How to properly RECORD working hours

  •  如何通过有效的生产能力管理系统来减少加班
  •  How to prevent excessive overtime through EFFECTIVE PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT systems

  •  如何制定有效的行动计划来减少加班
  •  How to better INVOLVE workers in the work hours plan

  •  如何使用FLA开放的自我评估工具来有效减少贵厂过度加班的风险
  •  How to use the FLA SELF-ASSESSMENT TOOL to effectively assess risk in working hours


Dave pic


Pic Dave

Frank pic 1


Pic Frank

Dave Zhao

培训师  Trainers


Dave Zhao is an expert in Quality Assurance and Social Compliance Solutions. He is INFACT's Shanghai Office General Manager, who leads all projects in factories in Northern China. He has been responsible for Quality Assurance and Social Compliance for mulitple well know North American home textile companies.



Frank Wang is one of INFACT's Human Resource Specialists based in Shanghai. He has more than 7 years of experience working in the CSR field in training at all levels of the factory and as Social Responsibility Director for a major footwear manufacturer.


HoW-Target Audience

培训对象  Target Audience

  • 工厂厂长/总经理
  • Factory Owner / GM

  • 人事/社会责任/行政经理或人员
  • HR / CSR / Admin Manager or Staff

  • 品牌公司人员
  • Brand / Company Staff


Language EN

语言   Language 

中文     Chinese


HoW-Time & Place

时间&地点  Time & Place

5月17日    May 17, 9:00am-5:00pm;


CCCT Training Center, 8 Chenfeng Road International Service Business Park, Kunshan (near Anting)


(点此下载交通路线指南及地图  Click to download Transport & Map)


Fee EN HoW

费用  Fee

标准费用 Standard:

     1288 人民币/人/日 (RMB / person / day)

*特价 Special:        

       888 人民币/人/日 (RMB / person / day)

* 以下方式报名均可享受特价:1)4月15日前报名,2)二人及以上同行,3)同时报名参加5月16日和17日的培训。

Participants who sign up, 1) Before 15 th April, or 2) With one or more colleagues, or 3) For the training on both 16th and 17th May can enjoy the special discount.



证书  Certificates


After the training, all participants will receive a Certificate of Completion jointly awarded by FLA and INFACT.

To Participate, Please transfer the fee to:


To participate, please transfer the fee to:

收款方 Beneficiary


      Kunshan FLA Consulting Co., Ltd.

收款方地址 Beneficiary Address



      1st Floor No. 23, 495 Lane, Jiangsu Road,

      Changning, Shanghai, China, 200050

银行 Bank


      HSBC Bank (China) Company Limited,

      Suzhou Branch

人民币账户 RMB Account Number

      6300 1730 9001

美金/港币帐户 USD/HKD Account Number

      010 017309 056




请将培训费用在05月13日前汇至上述账户。我们将在培训当日为您提供发票。Please make the bank transfer to the above account before May 13. We will hand you the invoice at the training.